Toasters: Group Old & Rusty 2

Group Old Rusty 2 Toasters

Top Row (L to R): Hot Point, Edison Electric Appliance Co, Chicago, IL, Cat #115T17, works, $30; Sun Chief, Sun Chief Elec Co, Winsted, Conn, Series 641, doesn't work, $5; Star-Rite Reversable Toaster, Fitzgerald Mfg Co, late 1920s, works, $75.

Bottom Row (L to R): No Name, Chicago Elec Mfg Co, no cord, $5; Hot Point, Edison Elec Appliance Co, Model 116T24, Chicago, IL, missing one fiber foot, works, $15; Nelson, The Nelson Mfg co, Cleveland, OH, #370 830, 4 slice, doesn't work, $10; Rock Island, Rim Co, Rock Island, IL, No 12 AD, doesn't heat up, $25.


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