Toasters: Group 19

Group 19 Toasters

Top Row (L to R): M Means/ B Best, Manning-Bowman Co., Serial 4-26, article #1229, works, SOLD; Sterling, Chicago Elec. Mfg. Co., Cat. #5804, needs cord, SOLD; Proctor Thermostatic Toaster, Proctor Elec. Co., Philadelphia, PA, Model 1445, needs new cord, Great shape but doesn't work, SOLD.

Bottom Row (L to R): American Beauty, Cat. #5825G, works, SOLD; Penn-Air (Delta), Pennsylvania Aircraft Works, Model 280, pop down automatic toaster, timer works and toaster heats up, though trap doors need a little jiggling, works, SOLD; Sun Chief, Series 680, Winsted, Conn, missing one wooden handle, no cord, SOLD; No name Flat Plate, original cord, works, SOLD; M Arion Giant Flip Flop, Rotenger Elec. Co., Marion, Ind., Model 66, works, SOLD.


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