Toasters: Group 26

Group 26 Toasters

Top Row (L to R): Energex Toaster, some rust & dents, works, $10; Bersted, Model 68, Bersted Mfg Co, Fostoria, OH, works, $35; Westinghouse Turnover Toaster, S #284032A, Westinghouse E&M Co, Mansfield, OH, minor rust, works, $40.

Bottom Row (L to R): Unmarked, Missing cord and top rods, $5; Challenge, #307-1859, cleaning scratches, but very shiny, SOLD; Super Electric, #22 Series, Super Eelc Products Corp, St Louis, MO, minor rust, works, $60; Westinghouse Turnover Toaster, Cat TDC-4, Westinghouse Elec & Mfg Co, Mansfield Works, Mansfield, OH, very good condition, works, SOLD.


At 8:10 PM, August 03, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have the little Energex Toaster pictured in #26 upper left. Still works in great shape! Love it!


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