Toasters: Group 14

Group 14 Toasters

Top Row (L to R): Westinghouse Turnover Toaster, Cat. TTC 154, Mansfield, OH, works, $30; Clipper, CSA Appn #348, Brock Snyder Mfg. Co., Grimsby, Ontario, handle broken on one door and only half of heating element works, $30; Sterling, Chicago Elec. Mfg. Co., Type AEUJ, works, $25.

Bottom Row (L to R): Federal, Federal Elec. Co., Model 201, Chicago, IL, $30; Kwikway, Kwickway Co., St. Louis, doesn't work, $10; GE, Cat. #119T54, works, $30; Kwickway, #249, St. Louis, works, $20.


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