Toasters: Group 11

Group 11 Toasters

Top Row (L to R): Hot Point, CGE #T-12, (can't find this model in toaster catalogs), works, $40; GE (Spider Web Design), Bridgeport, Conn, Cat. #119T46, works, SOLD; Lady Hibbard, Barrtlett & Co., Chicago, IL, Style 337, has a "jewel" in center of each door that glows when toaster is working, works, SOLD.

Bottom Row (L to R): Home Electric, Manning Bowman Co, Cat. #60, Serial #8-29, works, $25; Unmarked, 1920s, works, $25; Universal, Landers, FRary & Clark, New Britian, Conn, E-3612, works, $25; Westinghouse Turnover Toaster, Mansfield, OH, Cat. #TT-3, works, SOLD.

Front: Toaster Holder, #18, stainless steel, $10.


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